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Life at the bottom of the ladder has taken its toll on Stephen Green’s latest English class. As the new term breaks over Campbell College he’s struggling to inspire the Students That Time Forgot, aka The Lifers. 

Enter cheery oddball Callum Child and his long-suffering friend Ben Foster, who join Stephen’s small group of misfits after Callum is thrown off his course for sexting. Sick of bumping along on the bottom Ben has an idea for making money via Youtube, and soon he and the Lifers find themselves in possession of that most deadly of creatures: a plan. It isn’t long before things take a turn and Stephen is forced to intervene to thwart disaster. As his marriage and career begin to crumble around him he finds himself championing Callum and the Lifers against a broken system and their own nature... but at what cost?

A modern-day reimagining of Steinbeck’s classic 'Of Mice and Men' for fans of 'A Boy Made of Blocks' and 'Bad Education'.

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Marigold Dark

A corrupt property developer thrown to his death from a cliff. French Nazi goons staging mock executions on behalf of a crazed Arab millionaire. A blackmailed politician facing public humiliation via Youtube. All is not well on the island of Jersey. 

It’s down to one man to put things right. Unfortunately that man is Marigold Dark, part-time private investigator, occasional buffoon and full-time drunk. Setting out to discover the link between these events and the shadowy figures that are threatening his daughter, our hapless detective soon finds himself a wanted man. Now Marigold must call upon a rogues' gallery of contacts to piece together the details of his latest case and confound his enemies, all the while battling the greatest threat of all...himself. 

Coyote Jack and the Bluebirds


Famous Texas bluesman Coyote Jack has agreed to join The Bluebirds for a one night gig at their UK home venue. Freshly dumped by his fiancee, singer Charlie French hopes that this is the start of bigger and better things for him and his friends. Alas, the band's blues have only just begun. A series of misfortunes threatens to clip the Bluebirds' wings, and as their eccentric guest staggers from one embarrassing calamity to the next Coyote Jack's credibility is called into question as off and on stage Charlie's world begins to fall apart...

The blues, the real blues, are about to hit the Bluebirds. Hard.

Muddy Waters Ate My Wife

July, 1980. Legendary Chicago bluesman Muddy Waters and his band have arrived in the Channel Islands to play a one night gig at Fort Regent, Jersey. Local guitar hero Norman Peacock is as excited as any man, until he learns of Waters' intention to seal a decades-old diabolical deal via the oral consumption of Norman's wife.


Now Norman must maintain his strut against dark, gathering forces as he mounts the ramparts for a climactic and sanity-shattering showdown with Waters and his henchmen...