Okay so let's keep this brief.

Obviously it goes without saying that I've always been a keen writer (this would all be rather odd if I wasn't, hey?) 


Having financed a print run of my very first novel The Spurs of Jack Langtry way back at the turn of the century (leaving me with a stack of unsold copies that I am reliably informed could be seen from space) it was ten years before I returned to writing fiction, with teaching, live music and the creation of three new and beautiful human beings keeping me (and my wife, Toria) rather busy in the mean time.

Always a keen and gigging guitarist, Coyote Jack and the Bluebirds (2013) was based on my experiences in various blues bands, while the novella Muddy Waters Ate My Wife (2013) is a riff on one of my favourite artists. Fast forward two years and Marigold Dark (2015) found me telling the tale of a deeply damaged detective blundering his way through the shadows of my native Jersey, C.I., where I currently reside. My latest novel Soledad (2019) is (loosely) based on my experiences as a teacher.

Somehow during all of this I managed to get myself involved in the local literary scene and on to the committee of the Jersey Festival of Words, which I currently have the honour of serving as vice-chair. One of the many perks of this role are the many inspiring writers I have been able to meet and occasionally interview over the past five years.  

Well that was briefish, I guess. Please come say hello on Facebook, Twitter or via email at pbisson32@hotmail.com...